Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, June 24th

  1. Andrew B Hall: Using Visual Studio 2013 to Diagnose .NET Memory Issues in Production
  2. Jon Skeet: But what does it all mean?
  3. This Week On Channel 9: Build Hackathon, TypeScript 0.9, WintellectNOW, eBook Bonanza and more
  4. Channel 9 Edge Show: Windows 8 App Compatibility
  5. Paul Laberge: An Introduction to Windows Phone 8 Development
  6. Pranab: Unit Testing JavaScript/JQuery in ASP.Net MVC Project using QUnit Step by Step
  7. JGalasyn: One Dev Minute videos are live on Channel 9
  8. Microsoft DevRadio: World of Warcraft API Starter Kit for Windows Store Apps
  9. Stephen Ebichondo: Application Lifecycle Management Part 5 of 5
  10. Devon Musgrave: Windows Dev Center: Redesigned across the board


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