Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, June 19th

  1. Jonathan Turner: Announcing TypeScript 0.9
  2. Brian Harry: A refresh of our forums
  3. Garrett Serack: Deep Dive into NuGet Native (Part One)
  4. Channel 9: Anders Hejlsberg, Steve Lucco, Luke Hoban: TypeScript 0.9 - Generics and More
  5. Michael Zlatkovsky: Roadmap for Apps for Office, VSTO, and VBA
  6. Microsoft Virtual Academy: HTML5 Jump Starts Now Available on Demand on MVA
  7. Lee Stott: Developing titles for Xbox live for Windows (PC/Tablet), Web, and Windows Phone
  8. Erik Dietrich: Don’t Write Code You Don’t Need
  9. The Code Project: Difference between var and dynamic in C#
  10. Sarah Lamb: Marketing 101 for developers


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