Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, June 6th

  1. Brian Harry: VS 2013 round tripping
  2. Charles Sterling: Testing Improvements in Team Foundation Service Update for TechEd 2013
  3. .NET Framework Blog: Get /httpclient/rtm – 200 OK
  4. Houssem Dellai: Working with Sockets in C#
  5. Eric Lippert: An integer division identity
  6. The Code Project: Ugly Code Means Your Product Used to be Successful
  7. Adam Denning: Testing your Windows Phone app – Part 3
  8. Nivedita Bawa: Microsoft Test Manager: Customization of test result fields and marking test results as NA
  9. Mark Allan: How ads monetise and promote your app
  10. Surf4Fun: XAML/C++: String Conversion from textboxes


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  1. The link 4 is the best

  2. says:

    Good job Houssem always proud to work with you 🙂 #Tunisia #MSPTN

  3. Iyadh Falah says:

    Great Houssem

  4. Thanks for publishing my article " Working with Sockets in C# ".

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