Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, June 4th

  1. Brad Anderson: TechEd North America 2013 - Keynote Presentation
  2. Mike Fourie: Extending Visual Studio Team Explorer 2012
  3. Bryan Group: Visual Studio 2013
  4. Darshan Desai: Introducing Cloud-based Load Testing with Team Foundation Service
  5. Sam Stokes: Game Design, ALM, C++, XAML and DirectX: Getting started
  6. P. Kelley: Using multiple workspaces with Visual Studio
  7. Emil Gustafsson: How would I test a WebAPI controller
  8. Stephen Ebichondo: Application Lifecycle Management Part 2 of 5
  9. Jason Singh: Recording and Deck from Live Webcast - Visual Studio 2012 Updates 1 & 2 - Tour of New Features
  10. Bob Bemer: The Great Curly Brace Trace Chase


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