Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, May 24th

  1. Mark DeFalco: Stay Connected with the Ch9 Events App
  2. Scott Hanselman: JavaScript is Assembler and that's OK.
  3. Rohan Thakkar: Windows Phone 8 XAML LongListSelector
  4. Willy-P. Schaub: Let us talk about “Quality Bars”
  5. Practical .NET: Use Predicate Methods to Stop Writing For...Each Loops
  6. Bruno Terkaly: Fundamentals of Good Gaming – Some general guidelines – Windows 8 App Factor
  7. Matt Sampson: OData Apps in Update 2 - Querying Data from Stack Overflow
  8. Kris NVS: The Tale of writing Good Code…
  9. LightSwitch Help Website: Understanding The LightSwitch HTML Client Visual Collection
  10. Eric Lippert: The mystery of the inserted method


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