Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, May 8th

  1. LightSwitch Help Website: Dynamically Creating Records In The LightSwitch HTML Client
  2. Greg Duncan: Getting in touch with TouchDevelop (Think "From What to Wow")
  3. Surf4Fun: XAML/C++: Why is it so hard to use XAML and DirectX
  4. JD Meier: 10 Ways to Make Agile Design More Effective
  5. Script Junkie: Building an Interactive Navigation Bar
  6. Peter Laudati: Using Windows Azure to Build Back-End Services for Windows 8 Apps - Azure Mobile Services (Part 4)
  7. LightSwitch Team: Announcing Runtime Update 1 - Supporting jQueryMobile 1.3
  8. Stephen Zaharuk: Going From C# To Objective-C: Boxing and Unboxing
  9. Windows Store team: Using Windows 8 features to drive customer engagement: the Box app
  10. Ankit Asthana: Speed up Windows PHP Performance using Profile Guided Optimization (PGO)


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