Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, May 7th

  1. Jason Singh: Walkthrough. It's Easy to Deploy a Web App to your "Free" MSDN Azure Account.
  2. Jim O'Neil: Construct 2 Tip #3: (Uniquely) Leveraging Sprite Animations
  3. Adam Denning: Testing your Windows Phone app – Part 1
  4. ASP.NET/IIS MVP Brij Mishra: Loading the partial views using Ajax for Beginners
  5. VS ALM MVP Jeff Bramwell: TFS Live app for Windows Phone
  6. LightSwitch Help Website: Creating a WCF RIA Service for Visual Studio 2012 (Update 2 and higher)
  7. Eric Lippert: Producing permutations, part seven
  8. Ricardo Loo: How to move or archive your Napa app projects
  9. This Week On Channel 9: WebMatrix 3, Azure SDK 2.0, EntLib 6, NuGet 2.5 and more
  10. Scott Hanselman: One ASP.NET: Nancy.Templates for Visual Studio


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  1. Brij says:

    Thanks a lot Rob for including my post link!!

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