Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, May 1st

  1. Deva: Migrated custom C++/CDOSYS app throws compiler errors
  2. Lee Stott: Publishing your app to the Windows Store puts your work in front of millions of potential customers, in hundreds of markets around the world
  3. Sarah Lamb: 8 Great Reasons to Design for Windows Phone 8
  4. Kunal Chowdhury: Windows 8 Store Application (#WinRT) Development Tutorial for the Windows 8 Dev
  5. Practical .NET: To Build a Great UI, Test the Experience, Not the Code
  6. Brian Moore: Publishing LightSwitch apps for SharePoint to the Catalog
  7. Eric Lippert: Producing permutations, part five
  8. This Week On Channel 9: Next XBOX Announcement, AzureConf, Code Digger, Princess Leia and more
  9. Rick Barraza: Setting up your Windows 8 environment | Creative Coding with Processing.js for Windows 8 JavaScript applications
  10. Andrew Spooner: Designing your Share Charm experience on Windows 8


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