Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, April 25th

  1. Wriju Ghosh: Windows Phone Adding Rating Button in Apps
  2. Luis Cantero: How to start Windows Phone 8 Emulator without Visual Studio
  3. Chris Bowen: Game Development with Construct 2 – Templates for Windows 8
  4. David Catuhe: Now with Javascript: Reading PDF and XPS on your Windows 8 application using WinRT
  5. Alex Simons: Developer Preview of OAuth Code Grant and AAL for Windows Store Apps
  6. Lee Stott: Construct2 HTML5/JS Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Games
  7. Practical .NET: Understanding .NET Using Read-Only Collections
  8. Hina Mehta: Creating Windows Service
  9. Jennifer Marsman: Android to Windows 8: Top 10 tips for passing Windows Store certification
  10. Prakash Tripathi: Difference between Direct casting, is and as operator in C#


Comments (1)

  1. NoWin8 says:

    Please, No Windows 8 or Windows phone links, since the market for them is to slim!

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