Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, April 19th

  1. Lee Stott: Where can I get some tips and guidance design resources?
  2. Windows Store team: Startups unveil new apps for Windows 8 at DEMO Mobile
  3. MSDN Blogs: Microsoft donates JavaScript materials to Web Platform Docs
  4. Pierre MSP Lausanne: Azure data services for Windows Phone 8, Windows Store, iOS, Android App or websites!
  5. David Jung: TFS Basics–Changeset
  6. Jim O'Neil: Construct 2 Tip #2: Settings Flyouts
  7. HowieT: Enabling Flexible Workstyles with Windows 8
  8. Windows 8 Team: Develop a cutting edge app with NFC
  9. Scott Hanselman: Penny Pinching Video: Moving an Azure Website between data centers
  10. Adam Denning: Facebook SDK for .NET - Featured in the Facebook Technology Partner program


Comments (2)

  1. Orlando says:

    you are pretty awesome, Rob. Thank you.

  2. Lee Stott says:


    Thanks for making me your No.1

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