Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, April 18th

  1. .NET Developer's Journal from Cloud Expo NY:  Cloud Computing Is Smart
  2. Azure App Gallery Blog: Deconstructing the custom feed to test your web application on Web Platform Installer
  3. Beth Massi: Using LightSwitch ServerApplicationContext and WebAPI to Get User Permissions
  4. Lee Stott: UX/UI Design the benefits of building prototype, even if you have only initial sketches of your prototype.
  5. Ricardo Loo: Developer Must-Have: 125+ Apps for Office and SharePoint Code Samples
  6. Jim O'Neil: Construct 2 Tip #1: Implementing Snapped View State
  7. Buck Woody: Creating a Windows Azure Virtual Machine - the RIGHT Way
  8. Bernardo Zamora: Defining your app’s requirements for a great customer experience
  9. LightSwitch Help Website: LightSwitch HTML Picture Manager Using WCF RIA Services
  10. Eric Lippert: Producing permutations, part two


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