Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, April 16th

  1. LightSwitch Help Website: The Visual Studio Live! interview
  2. Mike Jones: Accessing roaming data in the cloud by using SkyDrive
  3. IT Test Engineering: Application Performance Lifecycle - Part II
  4. Sujit D'Mello: IPC between Windows Store Apps on the same machine
  5. ZXUE: Windows Store Development Series by joelcitizen
  6. Michael Zlatkovsky: Building great-looking apps for Office using the new project templates
  7. Linvi:  Insert a WPF/ Winform Custom User Control in a Word Document
  8. HowieT: The Big Bang: How the Big Data Explosion Is Changing the World
  9. Gajendra Babu Thokala: Steps to add users to TFS Online and access TFS Online Project from Visual Studio
  10. Richard Garside: Behind the scenes with Windows 8 Application Development – A developers perspective


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