Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, April 11th

  1. Martin Hinshelwood: Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 supports 2010 Build Servers
  2. Esteban Garcia: TFS 2012 Update 2: Browser-based Test Case Management
  3. Heinrich Wendel: Many-To-How-Many - HTML Edition
  4. Windows 8 Team: Creating connected Windows Store apps
  5. Carlos Quntero: Debugging .NET Framework working only "sometimes"
  6. Buck Woody: But what can I *do* with Windows Azure? Create (Free) Websites and Applications
  7. Ed Price: Small Basic E-Books
  8. Jennifer Marsman: Windows Store opportunity for Android developers
  9. Andy Wigley: Live Apps: Creating Custom Tile and Lock Screen Images
  10. Laurence Moroney: Great, Free, Windows Phone 8 Developer Resources


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