Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, April 10th

  1. Martin Hinshelwood: Standard Environments for Automated Deployment and Testing
  2. Windows Azure Cloud Cover Show: Building cross platform Android and Windows Store apps using Windows Azure Mobile Services
  3. Tareq Ateik: Build your own Web site using Azure for Free in 5 minutes
  4. Adam Gallant: Features Summary: Visual Studio 2012.2 (or VS 2012 Update 2)
  5. Sam Landstrom: Windows Store developer money making flowcharts
  6. DevRadio: Answers to your top Windows Store questions
  7. Steve St. Jean: How To: Create an offline installer for Visual Studio from a Web Installer
  8. Esteban Garcia: TFS 2012 Update 2: Version Control Changes
  9. Willy-P. Schaub: What do you think of proposed User Experience (UX) ideas for ALM Readiness Treasure Map?
  10. Surf4Fun: C++: DirectX and 3-D editing in Visual Studio


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