Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, March 27th

  1. Miranda Luna: New HTML5/JS SDK and Windows Phone 7.5 support
  2. ZXUE: Can you build Windows Store App and Make Money?
  3. Pulvirenti Carmelo: How many web applications per application pool
  4. MSDN Blogs: Testing Applications for Inclusion into Windows Web Application Gallery
  5. Don Syme: Quote of the Week: "What can C# do that F# cannot?"
  6. Doug Erickson: Using XAML with DirectX and C++ in Windows Store Apps
  7. MSDN Blogs: Top 5 Most Recommended Apps for Developers in Windows Store
  8. Matthias Shapiro: 10 Great Windows Phone 8 Code Samples (No, Wait… 30)
  9. Laurence Moroney: Visual Studio’s Red Squigglies
  10. Jason Singh: Problems with Copy Pasting Code - And Modifying Slightly...


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