Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, March 20th

  1. Eric Lippert: Keeping it sharp
  2. Channel 9: Three Essential Tips for Async - Tip 2: Distinguish CPU-Bound work from IO-bound work
  3. Channel 9: Three Essential Tips for Async – Tip 3: Wrap events up in Task-returning APIs and await them
  4. Deepti Prakash: Compile in the Cloud with WP8
  5. Lee Stott: Develop iOS apps in C# with Visual Studio
  6. Willy-P. Schaub: TFS Integration Tools Field Mappings
  7. Ed Price: Simple Data Binding in XAML
  8. Lee Stott: Windows Design Inspiration and Things We’ve Learnt About… from MS Research
  9. Jonathan Rozenblit: App Building Made Easier: Step 2 - Choose Your Own Adventure
  10. Andy Kung: LightSwitch Team: Signed-In Part 1 – Introduction


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