Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, March 14th

Happy π Day!

  1. Stephen Oliver: Exploring the JavaScript API for Office: Data Access and Events
  2. Jerry Nixon: Roaming Windows 8 App Data
  3. Channel 9: Using Windows Azure to Build Back-End Services for Windows 8 Apps - Part 2
  4. Jerry Nixon: DevRadio: SkyDrive and Your Windows 8 Apps
  5. Joshua Garity: Designing for users
  6. David Isbitski: New Tablet Show Episode: Cross Platform Mobile Development with AppMobi
  7. Mostafa Elzoghbi: Conditional using statement in C# debug versus Release
  8. DotNetSlackers: Using plUpload to upload Files with ASP.NET
  9. Dino Esposito: An Architectural View of the ASP.NET MVC Framework
  10. .NET Journal: Cloud, Mobile, and Agile Coming Together


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