Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, March 8th

  1. VKichline: Disabling Knockout Intellisense
  2. Susan Ibach: Building a Great App Step 9: Break out the pencil and paper
  3. Richard diZerega: Real-world Apps for SharePoint 2013 - Kudos (Part 2)
  4. Mohamed Yamama: Download SharePoint SDK for Windows Phone 8 + Free Developer Resources
  5. Heinrich Wendel: A New User Experience
  6. Channel 9: Windows Store apps for Absolute Beginners with JavaScript Part 3: Understanding the Execution Environment
  7. Visual Studio Tips and Tricks: Understanding IntelliTrace Part VI: Working with IntelliTrace Logs
  8. Channel 9: Building Apps for Both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Jump Start (Part 1)
  9. Ahmed Sabbour: Get started on Windows Azure Mobile Services for Windows Store, Windows Phone, iOS and Android apps
  10. The Schray: What might an application description look like for a Touch Develop app?


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