Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, March 1st

  1. The Schray: Doing basic code analysis in Visual Studio 2012
  2. Jonathan Turner: Announcing TypeScript 0.8.3
  3. Eric Jarvi: Learn To Code
  4. Amar Nityananda: Better control(s) with Visual State Manager
  5. Doug Stewart: What to do if you have problems with a Windows Store app
  6. Adam Gallant: From Web Application to Web Site running in Azure, in 10 minutes, using Team Foundation Service
  7. Visual Studio ALM + Team Foundation Server Blog: How to profile a XAML Windows Store App 
  8. Eric Lippert: Monads, part three
  9. Visual Studio Toolbox: Entity Framework Tips and Tricks
  10. Channel 9: Introducing Image Watch - A VS 2012 Plug-In for C++ Image and Video Debugging


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