Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, February 25th

  1. Eric Lippert: Monads, part one
  2. Rick Marron: Syntax Highlighting Improvements
  3. Channel 9, Development for Absolute Beginners: C# Fundamentals Important Update!
  4. JD Meier: How To Build a Foundation for Execution How To Build a Foundation for Execution
  5. Windows 8 Team: Alive with activity, Part 1: Working with tiles, badges, and toasts
  6. Tiago Barbosa: Remote Debugging a Windows Store App on your Surface
  7. Emil Gustafsson: Implementing a good GetHashCode
  8. Bandar Alsharfi: Starting Windows Phone Development: Lesson 4 of n – Communicating with Services and Databinding
  9. Steve, DPE: Building your First Provider-Hosted App for SharePoint – Part 2
  10. Raymond Chen: Now that version 4 of the .NET Framework supports in-process side-by-side runtimes, is it now okay to write shell extensions in managed code?


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