Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, February 22nd

  1. Eric Battalio: Jumping Into C++: Calculating Unknowns
  2. LightSwitch Help Website: Connecting To SignalR With LightSwitch HTML Client
  3. Microsoft Malaysia: Right-Click, Create Unit Tests
  4. Raymond Chen: You can ask the compiler to answer your calling convention questions
  5. Guy Barker: What can I do to make my Windows 8 WinJS.UI.ListView app as accessible as possible?
  6. Ahmed Sabbour: Creating a Facebook app using ASP.NET MVC Facebook Templates and hosting them for free on Windows Azure Websites
  7. Dara Monasch: Creating Scrum Tools for Project Tracking with Diverse Teams (Part 1)
  8. Shehab Fawzy: Parsing JSON in Windows 8 store applications
  9. Bandar Alsharfi: Starting Windows Phone Development: Lesson 4 of n – Communicating with Services and Databinding
  10. Charles Sterling: Testing devices made easier with Perfecto Mobile's MobileCloud™ platform and Team Foundation Server


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