Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, February 18th

  1. Scott Guthrie: Announcing release of ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 Update
  2. Scott Hanselman: Released: ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 in Context
  3. Grant Holliday: TFS: How to Customize Work Item Types
  4. Buck Woody: How Does the Cloud Change a Developer's Job?
  5. David Rousset: Coding4Fun: building a Tetris-like game using CSS Grid Layout & Blend 5
  6. Grant Holliday: TFS2012: New tools for TFS Administrators
  7. Rob Margel: 7 things to try if you are having problems with a Windows 8 app
  8. Paul King: Importing Test Cases with required fields
  9. Robert Bernstein: Deploying Files for VS2012 Unit Tests
  10. Zain Naboulsi: Understanding IntelliTrace Part II: Where Do I Use IntelliTrace?


Comments (1)

  1. mayur says:

    Thanks for links, I go through them every day, gives so much refined information.

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