Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, February 15th

  1. Windows Phone Developer Blog: Make your app more attractive to customers in the Windows Phone Store
  2. JD Meier: Kanban for Process Improvement
  3. Grant Holliday: TFS, Load Balancers, Idle Timeout settings and TCP Keep-Alives
  4. Willy-P. Schaub: Shipped … Test Release Management Guidance update and the ALM Readiness treasure map
  5. Ambrose Little: Intuitive is a Bad Word in Design
  6. Eric Lippert: Static constructors, part three
  7. Andy Lewis: Run CI builds in your Git team project
  8. Web Camps TV: ASP.NET Web API Queryable with oData
  9. Scott Densmore: Tips for building a Windows Store app using XAML and C++: The Hilo project
  10. Ryan Berry: Scaling Tasks Horizontally Across multiple nodes using the Task Parallel Library in .NET 4.5


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