Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, February 8th

  1. MSMVP, Devlin Liles: TFS, Git and My Open Source–Love It!
  2. Andy Lewis: Create, Connect, and Publish using Visual Studio with Git
  3. Tim Varcak: Debugging Unhandled Exceptions in a SharePoint App with Visual Studio using IntelliTrace
  4. Eric Lippert: Static constructors, part one
  5. Visual Studio FSharp Team: Learn How to Create an Internet Game Using F#, C#, and ASP.NET
  6. Windows 8 Team: Preparing your Windows Store app for a world market
  7. Don Syme: F# + ServiceStack - F# Web Services on any platform in and out of a web server
  8. Scott Hanselman: Simultaneous Editing for Visual Studio with the free MultiEdit extension
  9. pattern & practices symposium 2013: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Windows 8
  10. Channel 9: Fall Fury: Part 2 - Shaders


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