Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, February 7th

  1. Charles Sterling: SharePoint load testing made easier with Visual Studio 2012 Update
  2. IEBlog: modern.IE – A new set of tools to help test web site compatibility
  3. Aaron Stebner: More information about the versions of the .NET Framework that ship with Windows 8
  4. Hosam Kamel: What System Center SP1 brings for developers?
  5. Jerry Nixon: Walkthrough: Locking Asynchronous File Operations
  6. Steve Fox: Setting up your Development Environment for O365 & Azure Development
  7. Andrew Coates: Building a Windows Phone Transport App for NSW
  8. Sarah Lamb: Pitfalls for the unwary when developing Windows Store apps by 5App
  9. Girish: How to edit TFS 2012 Build definitions and make changes to the Builds
  10. Visual Studio Tips and Tricks: Questions from the Field: Excluding Different Files or Directories on Debug and Release Builds


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