Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, January 22nd

  1. Adam Gallant: ALM Challenges- New VS 2012 ALM Webcasts
  2. Kevin Richardson: Are You Design-Driven? Probably Not.
  3. Beth Massi: Get Started Building SharePoint Apps in Minutes with LightSwitch
  4. Lee Stott: Research collaborations to build scientific tools and data analysis services in the Windows Azure cloud
  5. Eric Battalio: Jumping into C++
  6. ZXUE: Creating A Virtual Windows Store App Development Environment
  7. JC Cimetiere: Tips for Designing Windows Phone Apps
  8. Peter Ritchie: The Dispose Pattern as an anti-pattern
  9. patterns & practices: Developing an End-to-End Windows Store app using C++ and XAML: Hilo
  10. This Week On Channel 9: Skin Switching, Maps, Entity Framework, Mocks and more


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