Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, January 17th

  1. MVP Award Program: 8 Tips to Sell Windows Store App
  2. Channel 9: Ping 163: Xbox Countdown, Programming language popularity, 3D presentations, Eye controlled computer
  3. Channel 9: Agile Waterfalls, Backlogs, Cutlines, Shiproom. Talking with @AbhishekRLal about how we build Service Bus
  4. But it works on my PC! Speaking on Windows 8 development
  5. Todd Brix: Next App Star: See your app featured in a Windows Phone TV ad
  6. Heinrich Wendel: Visualizing List Data using a Map Control
  7. Daniel Egan: Windows Phone 8 Dev Requirements
  8. Eric Lippert: Nullable micro-optimizations, part six
  9. AAD Graph team: Azure Active Directory Graph – What’s in it for an app developer?
  10. Surf4Fun: C++: Using Text in the XAML Textboxes


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