Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, January 16th

  1. Paulo Morgado: Would you like to have roaming settings in Visual Studio?
  2. Microsoft DevRadio: Using appMobi to Build Windows 8 & Windows Phone Apps
  3. Channel 9: Windows Store app - Getting Started with the Windows Azure Mobile Services Scheduler
  4. This Week On Channel 9: IllumiRoom, VS/TFS2012 RC [expiration] news, TFS OData, Source History Visualization and more
  5. Jaime Rodriguez: Writing Windows store apps that integrate with hardware | Windows Store App Development for iOS Developers
  6. Nick Harris: Windows Store app - Authenticate and Authorize users with Server Scripts in Windows Azure Mobile Services
  7. YOW! 2012: Tony Morris and Runar Bjarnason - Functional Programming
  8. Lindsay Lindstrom: Part 1 of 9: Creating a Complete Windows 8 Game (minus the game)
  9. Surf4Fun: A statement: Statements in C++
  10. Build 2012: It’s all about performance: Using Visual C++ 2012 to make the best use of your hardware


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