Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, January 7th

  1. Qingsong Yao: Testing the Limits with Gerald Weinberg
  2. Channel 9: Working with JSON Data | Windows Store apps for Absolute Beginners with C#
  3. Channel 9: C++ and Beyond 2012: Panel - Convincing your Colleagues
  4. Joel Citizen: Five Ways to Ruin Your Next Mobile App Launch
  5. Luis Cantero: Improve performance when starting IE using Visual Studio
  6. Ray Fleming: Getting started with building a sophisticated student support app for Windows 8
  7. Willy-P. Schaub: Version Control in the TFS Client Object Model - MSDN Magazine article by Jeff Bramwell
  8. Andy Wigley: Windows Phone “App to the Future” Design Challenge
  9. Jim O'Neil: Windows Runtime–what’s supported where?
  10. David Hernie: Windows Store Development for iOS Developers: Building for Windows 8 and Windows Phone


Comments (1)

  1. Jeff says:

    Any suggestions on viewing the links from China where bitly is blocked?

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