Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, January 4th

  1. QingsongYao: uTest: Advice from 2011's Testers of the Year
  2. Mathias Olausson: WIT Custom Controls for TFS v1.1.1.0 Released
  3. Ramez Debbas: Tips and gotchas for Windows 8 apps: Convertr
  4. Glenn Gailey: Mobile Services Custom Parameters in Windows Store apps
  5. Quality Spreader: Windows 8 Modern App Testing
  6. Susan Ibach: Building a great Windows 8 app Step 5: Reserve your app name
  7. YOW! 2012: Michael Nygard - Architecture Without an End State, Modern IT, and More
  8. YOW! 2012: Dave, Martin and Todd - The Loadstone Foundation
  9. Channel 9: Understanding Change Notification | Windows Store apps for Absolute Beginners with C#
  10. Qingsong Yao: Test Automation failures


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