Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, December 21st

Happy 21/12 Day! #rush

  1. Brian Harry: Team Explorer Everywhere Update 1
  2. Beth Massi: Trip Report: Eastern Canada LightSwitch Speaking Tour
  3. Jonathan Lyons: Simulation Dashboard for Windows Phone Apps
  4. Todd Brix: Need funding for a great app idea? AppCampus is here to help
  5. Eric Lippert: Nullable micro-optimizations, part one
  6. Rui Silva: This video is going to be LEGEN… WAIT FOR IT… DARY!
  7. Brent Schooley: Windows 8 Development Tips #6: Be great at something
  8. Nick Landry: Visual Studio Live Event Recap: Windows Phone, iOS & Data Visualization
  9. Patrick Godwin: How I Wrote and Deployed a Cloud-Powered Windows 8 App in Six Days
  10. Visual Studio ALM + Team Foundation Server Blog: Visual Studio 2012 C++ CppUnitTestFramework targeting the Visual Studio C++ 2010 compiler


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