Top 12 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, December 12th

Today, 12 links for 12/12/12 day.

  1. Scott Hanselman: Comparing two techniques in .NET Asynchronous Coordination Primitives
  2. Jerry Nixon: Walkthrough: Implementing SnapView in your Windows 8 App
  3. Srishti: Retrying failed playback actions with Coded UI
  4. This Week On Channel 9: Sharing Code, Cheat Sheets, and Jump Starting!
  5. Going Deep: C++ and Beyond 2012: Andrei Alexandrescu - Systematic Error Handling in C++
  6. Jarrod Hermer: Data Binding: Windows 8 Store App using JavaScript
  7. Sarah Lamb: Windows Phone 8 JumpStart Videos now Available
  8. Yao: ASP.NET Web API Help Page Part 3: Advanced Help Page customizations
  9. Devon Musgrave: Put your Windows Store apps on cloud 9
  10. Eric Lippert: What’s the deal with the fixed statement?
  11. Channel 9: Windows Phone Design Bootcamp: The System
  12. Andrew B Hall: The Visual Studio Profiler on Windows 8


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