Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, November 15th

  1. Beth Massi: Getting Started with the LightSwitch HTML Client Preview 2
  2. Ibrahim Kivanc: Tip of the Day #7 Changing Application Name
  3. LightSwitch Help Website: OData Security Using The Command Table Pattern And Permission Elevation
  4. Channel 9: C# Part 3: Navigation, layout, and views (2 of 2) | Build your first Windows Store app
  5. DevToolsGuy @ Infragistics: Using Mental Models When Designing Web Applications
  6. Jon Galloway, Scott Hanselman: Bleeding edge ASP.NET: See what is next for MVC, Web API, SignalR and more… | Build 2012
  7. Inside Windows Phone: Intro to In-app Purchase on WP8
  8. This Week On Channel 9: Windows Phone 8 is GR8! Plus Windows 8, VS2012 Extensions and more
  9. Ricardo Loo: Licensing your apps for SharePoint
  10. Pranav Rastogi: Interacting with Databases for Web Developers in VS 2012


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