Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, November 12th

  1. Sarah Lamb: Introducing Windows Store App Labs for app builders
  2. Michael L. Perry: Update Controls for Windows 8 App Development
  3. Jeremy Foster: How Do I: Use Event Handlers in a Windows 8 App?
  4. Channel 9: Mani Ramaswamy and Peter Sollich: Inside Compiler in the Cloud and MDIL
  5. Todd Brix: What’s new in the Windows Phone Store—a developer perspective
  6. Channel 9: JavaScript Part 3: PageControl objects and navigation | Build your first Windows Store app
  7. Dan Fernandez, Golnaz, Jim Walker: C# Part 3: Navigation, layout and views (1 of 2) | Build your first Windows Store app
  8. Scott Hanselman: Angle Brackets, Curly Braces, One ASP.NET and the Cloud | Build 2012
  9. John Sheehan, Kieran Mockford: Developing a Windows Store app | Build 2012
  10. David Isbitski: Developing Games for Windows 8


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