Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, November 7th

  1. Lee Stott: iOS Resources for Windows 8 Developers
  2. Channel 9: BUILD 2012 Day 1 Keynote
  3. LightSwitch Team: //BUILD Session: Building Connected Business Applications with Visual Studio LightSwitch
  4. David Rousset: BUILD2012: Demos & materials for the HTM5 & CSS3 latest features in action!
  5. Burrows: WinRT Split App Template Tutorial
  6. Eric Lippert: Dynamic contagion, part one
  7. Bruno Terkaly: Step 0: What we will build. Augmented Reality, Windows 8, and Cloud Computing–How to implement with real code
  8. Anuj Chaudhary: Windows Azure: Automated UI testing using the power of cloud
  9. Phillip Fu: Sample: Implement auto-complete textbox in WPF
  10. Hans Wallentin: Store your test project data in the cloud – for free!


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