Top 9 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, October 18th

  1. Jerry Nixon: Walkthrough: Monetize Windows 8 with the Microsoft Advertising SDK
  2. Doug Holland: Professional Windows 8 Programming with C# and XAML
  3. Windows 8 App Hands On Lab: Download Windows 8 labs for JavaScript and HTML
  4. Joel Citizen: Windows 8 Journal: Getting ready for app development with tools and templates
  5. Visual Studio ALM + Team Foundation Server Blog: Populate Test Suites using hierarchical queries in Microsoft Test Manager
  6. Charles Sterling: Pausing and resuming test execution from the test runner in Microsoft Test Manager
  7. Willy-P. Schaub: ALM Rangers ship the new Branching and Merging Guide v2.1
  8. Channel 9: How to identify CLR threads in a dump | .NET Debugging for the Production Environment
  9. Channel 9: .NET 4.5 - Multicore JIT


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