Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, October 10th

  1. MSDN Virtual Lab: Windows 8 Lab 6: Settings and Preferences - JavaScript
  2. Channel 9: C++ and Beyond 2012: Scott Meyers - Universal References in C++11
  3. Cesar de la Torre: Storyboarding “MY EVENTS” Modern App
  4. Surf4Fun: Converting an int to a string in XAML C++/CX
  5. Microsoft Research Connections Team: Try Try F#
  6. Joelcitizen: Windows 8 Journey: Jump Start Your App Design
  7. Bytes by MSDN: Windows 8 User Interface
  8. MSDN Virtual Lab: Introduction to Windows Azure Virtual Machines
  9. Jerry Nixon: Walkthrough: the Windows 8 Settings and About Dialogs
  10. Abhinaba Basu: Managing your Bugs


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