Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, October 8th

  1. IE Blog: Building World-ready Applications in JavaScript Becoming a Reality
  2. Jason Fox: Tips & Tricks: AppBar Buttons in XAML
  3. MSDN Blogs: (WF4,VS) WorkflowDesigner Extensions in Visual Studio 2012
  4. Mikhail Arkhipov: Spell Checker extension for Visual Studio 2012 HTML, ASP.NET, CSS and other files
  5. James McNellis: C++/CX Part 3 of [n]: Under Construction
  6. MSDN Blogs: Visual Studio Test Tooling Guidance
  7. Practical .NET: What's Important in UI Design
  8. Rick Barraza: Custom Styling in Windows Store Apps | Migrating apps from Windows Phone to Windows 8
  9. This Week On Channel 9: TypeScript, WOWZAPP, new SharpDX, Curiosity checks in and more
  10. Jean Paoli: W3C’s Web Platform Docs – Your “Go To” for All Things Web Development


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