Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, October 4th

  1. Simon Wybranski: String search sample with C++ AMP
  2. Jerry Nixon: Walkthrough: Capturing a photos in your Windows 8 application
  3. Doris Chen: Transform Your HTML/CSS/JavaScript Apps into Windows 8 Application
  4. Zain Naboulsi: IntelliTrace Debugging Deep Dive Session is Available for Download
  5. Anirban Chakladar: Windows 8 App development - Free ebook
  6. Eric Lippert: How do we ensure that method type inference terminates?
  7. Beth Massi: What's New with SharePoint Tools for Visual Studio 2012
  8. David Rousset: Tutorial Series: using WinJS & WinRT to build a fun HTML5 Camera Application for Windows 8 (4/4)
  9. MS MVP: Managing an Agile Backlog with TFS 2012 – a PO Perspective
  10. SharpGIS: Rotating Elements in XAML While Maintaining Proper Flow


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