Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, October 3rd

  1. Scott Hanselman: Why does TypeScript have to be the answer to anything?
  2. Scott Hanselman: Making a switchable Desktop and Mobile site with ASP.NET MVC 4 and jQuery Mobile
  3. MSDN Blogs: TypeScript project in Visual Studio 2012
  4. Prashant Pratap: Troubleshooting Performance Issues in Web Application
  5. Prashant Pratap: FAQ on NP .NET Profiler
  6. Raman Sharma: C++ Runtime for Windows 8 Store apps
  7. Lee Stott: You may be building great apps and games but don't forget to add the features that will make them shine
  8. Yao: ASP.NET Web API Help Page Part 1: Basic Help Page customizations
  9. Olivier Bloch: Sublime Text, Vi, Emacs: TypeScript enabled!
  10. Shubhra Maji: Microsoft Update available for Visual Studio 2010 SP1


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