Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, September 26th

  1. Robert Green: Episode 49 of Visual Studio Toolbox: Getting Started with Windows Azure
  2. Pranav Rastogi: ASP.NET 4.5 ScriptManager Improvements in WebForms
  3. Willy-P. Schaub: ALM Assessment – Team adds handy poster
  4. Visual Studio ALM + Team Foundation Server Blog: TFS/Agile PM: Configuring so your tasks are estimated in story points
  5. MSDN Virtual Lab: Windows 8 Lab 4 - Application Bars and Media Capture - JavaScript
  6. Deborah Kurata: Building a JavaScript Client for a Web API Service
  7. John Montgomery: Building HTML and JavaScript Windows 8 Apps with Visual Studio 2012
  8. This Week On Channel 9: Azure Web rev's, WAMS opens source, Windows 8 Camp in a Box, JavaScript resources
  9. Don Syme: The F# 3.0 Freebase Type Provider Sample – Integrating Internet-Scale Data Sources into a Strongly Typed Language
  10. Anil Chandra: Part2 : Visual Studio 2012 Profiler


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