Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, September 25th

  1. Visual Studio Toolbox: Getting Started with Windows Azure
  2. Deborah Kurata: 101 Ways to Run Tests with Visual Studio 2012
  3. The StreamInsight Team: Getting Started with StreamInsight 2.1
  4. Mohamed Malek: Create a password dialog for Visual Studio deployment project
  5. Windows 8 Team: Make your HTML/JavaScript app accessible
  6. S. D. Oliver: What's new in Excel 2013 Preview for developers
  7. Premier Field Engineers: Explore your application to test it with Visual Studio 2012
  8. Jerry Nixon: Will project “Roslyn” change how developers use Visual Studio?
  9. Jorge Pereira: Project Austin Part 1 of 6: Introduction
  10. Donovan Follette: Introducing Developing Apps for Office and SharePoint, Part 3: Tools – Access, Visual Studio 2012, and “Napa”


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