Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, September 24th

  1. Deborah Kurata: Searching and Grouping in VS 2012 Test Explorer
  2. Charles Sterling: Odin ships Axe 3.4 simultaneously with Visual Studio 2012
  3. David Catuhe: Tips and tricks for C# and JavaScript Windows 8 developers: Using notifications for non-modal messages
  4. The Visual C Blog: C++/CX Part 2 of [n]: Types That Wear Hats
  5. Jennifer Marsman: Microsoft DevRadio: Reasons Why You Should Develop a Windows 8 App
  6. Richard Minerich: From the MVPs: F# 3.0 Type Providers
  7. Sarah Lamb: Tips & Gotcha’s when designing Windows 8 Apps
  8. Alexandrescu, Meyers and Sutter: Ask Us Anything panel from C++ and Beyond 2012: C++ and Beyond 2012
  9. Mike Morrison: SharePoint JavaScript Object Model IntelliSense Issue in App for SharePoint 2013 VS Template
  10. Channel 9: Casablanca: C++ on Azure


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