Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, September 13th

  1. Jason Gaylord: Customize the Color Scheme and Theme of Visual Studio 2012
  2. Channel 9: Analyzing a dump of a process under memory pressure - 11 | .NET Debugging for the Production Environment
  3. MZ-Tools Articles Series: HOWTO: Create a setup for an add-in for the VBA editor of Microsoft Office for the current user (not requiring admin rights) using Inno Setup
  4. Deborah Kurata: Solution Explorer Sync'ing in Visual Studio 2012
  5. MSDN Magazine: What's New for Web Development in Visual Studio 2012
  6. Peter Ritchie: Thread synchronization of atomic invariants in .NET 4.5
  7. Channel 9: Visual Studio Ultimate 2012: Load testing applications in Visual Studio
  8. Erik Meijer: Functional Programming From First Principles
  9. David Rousset: Tutorial Series: Using WinJS & WinRT to build a fun HTML5 Camera Application for Windows 8 (2/4)
  10. Kevin Gao: Antenna Radiation Simulation using C++ AMP


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