Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, August 31st

  1. Tareq Ateik: Large collection of Free Microsoft eBooks
  2. MS MVP, Deborah Kurata: Convert C# to VB or Vice Versa with Visual Studio 2012
  3. Edward A Thomson: Locking and git-tf and... danger?
  4. Murat Odabasi: How many lines of code do i have?
  5. MS MVP, Deborah Kurata: Menu Items and Ampersands
  6. Channel 9: Bring Your Apps to Life with Tiles and Notifications
  7. David Catuhe: Creating a WinRT component using C++/CX Part 2: Adding a custom Direct2D effect to DeForm
  8. Brandon Bray: Evolving the Reflection API
  9. Yash Tolia: List of Windows 8 Shortcuts
  10. Daniel Moth: Present on C++ AMP


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