Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, August 29th

  1. Ashish Goyal: A word of caution while Overloading Methods in C#
  2. Lee Stott: What Makes a Quality Games Programming Graduate? [shameless plug: DigiPen]
  3. MS MVP, Deborah Kurata: Your Application Title in .NET
  4. Alex Randall: How Do I Get Into SharePoint as a .NET Developer?
  5. Visual Studio LightSwitch Team Blog: Course Manager VS 2012 Sample Part 6 – Home Screen
  6. Mary Jo Foley: Will Microsoft's developers make the WinRT platform leap?
  7. Eric Lippert: An "is" operator puzzle, part two
  8. Susan Ibach: Building a Windows 8 app? Pick your favorite flavor!
  9. Zain Naboulsi: Upgrading to Visual Studio 2012 RTM
  10. Microsoft DevRadio: How to Convert Your Windows Phone App into a Windows 8 Application


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