Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, August 14th

  1. David Callahan: Memory Coalescing with C++ AMP
  2. David Catuhe: Creating a WinRT component using C++/CX: DeForm, a Direct2D effect toolkit
  3. Brian Harry: Announcing Git Integration with TFS
  4. Steven Sinofsky: Collaborating to deliver Windows RT PCs
  5. Scott Hanselman: Tiny Happy Features #3 - Publishing Improvements, chained Config Transforms and Deploying ASP.NET Apps from the Command Line
  6. Jerry Nixon: How to Create a Windows 8 Settings Pane in XAML
  7. Jerry Nixon: Windows 8 apps, what’s an Enterprise to do?
  8. Surf4Fun: XAML/C# as a Presentation UI
  9. J. Barnes: Programming the WinJS App Bar–Part 2–Customizing the Look and Feel
  10. Surf4Fun: Data Structures class using Windows 8 and WinRT with JavaScript an introduction


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