Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, August 10th

  1. Infragistics: Isn’t Usability Enough?
  2. Ian Moulster: Are web-apps the future? App musings with
  3. Windows 8 Team: Liven up your app with location and sensors
  4. Brandon Bray: .NET Framework 4.5 Talks from TechEd 2012 and aspConf
  5. Willy-P. Schaub: ALM Ranger solution types and a practical walkthrough of the Quick Response concept (Part 2)
  6. Andrew Parsons: Courses for Windows 8 - Designing for Modern UI
  7. Sayed-Ibrahim-Hashimi: How to create Web Deploy packages in Visual Studio 2012
  8. Łukasz Mendakiewicz: Image morphing C++ AMP sample
  9. Brian Jones: The new app platform from a developer perspective
  10. Scott Hanselman: Tiny Happy Features #1 - T4 Template Debugging in Visual Studio 2012


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