Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, July 25th

  1. Windows 8 Team: Creating beautiful views for local files
  2. Steven Sinofsky: Simplifying printing in Windows 8
  3. Lee Stott: Get up to speed on Windows 8 in 6 weeks
  4. Pat Altimore: How do I Test Internet Explorer 10 Touch Behavior Without a Touch Device?
  5. Stephan T. Lavavej: Core C++, 3 of n
  6. Shyam Gupta: When did my test plan get deleted? Who deleted my test suite\test run?
  7. Elijah Manor: Exterminating Common jQuery Bugs | aspConf 2012
  8. Babar Ismail: Dynamically setting column names on an editable grid
  9. S. D. Oliver: The Open XML SDK 2.5 CTP is now available for download
  10. Surf4Fun: C++ Summer Reading, take this to the beach to impress the cool people


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