Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, July 23rd

  1. MSDN Blogs: Bytes by MSDN Interview with Brian Harry
  2. LightSwitch Help Website: Using Toastr with Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Client (Preview)
  3. This Week on Channel 9: Dating Windows 8, visiting Napa, cooking Metro, magic Matrix and more
  4. Lucian Wischik: When is a non-breaking language fix, breaking?
  5. Ray Fleming: How to choose the right Cloud service in Windows Azure
  6. Bruce Kyle: Developer Preview of Windows Azure AD Provides Single Sign-On, Graph API
  7. Surf4Fun: Game Design: Architectural Tools
  8. Surf4Fun: Game Design: Using PowerPoint with TFS to do storyboards, Part 2
  9. Bryan C Smith: Writeback Application Code Samples
  10. Ron Jacobs: How to make a library portable and data binding friendly at the same time?


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